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Heavy Rains Impact California

Moderate to heavy rainfall moved into California over the past few days bringing much needed rainfall to most areas. Currently the drought monitor is in severe to extreme drought and has been for the California area for the past few years. Here is the current drought monitor leading up to this weeks soaking rain and snow:

Below is a link to the satellite loop showing just how much moisture was fed into California leading up to today:

More moderate to heavy rainfall is expected today and into this evening bringing more widespread flooding across California. Unfortunately with all this relentless precipitation moving into the region more damage is expected due to heavy rainfall leading to widespread localized flooding and even landslides for some areas. Rainfall is expected to continue over the several days and into the weekend with little reprieve in site for most areas in California. It is nice to see the moisture to help with the drought, however, too much rain at one time can be just as devastating if not worse than an ongoing drought for some areas.

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