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A photograph of a smoke plume from a wildfire blowing across a mountainous residential area.

Fire Weather Operational Services

A photograph of smoke from a large mountain wildfire.

Fire Weather Operational Services

As fire season approaches, having accurate and timely fire weather information is critical. At Skyview Weather, we offer comprehensive Fire Weather Support to empower your team with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions during wildfire incidents. Here’s what our services include:

  • Forecasts: Our forecasts focus on key fire weather parameters such as Temperature, Chances for Precipitation, Relative Humidity, Winds and Wind Shifts, Haines Index, Lightning Activity Level
  • Skyview Weather Mobile App: Stay updated with critical fire weather alerts through our mobile app. Receive NWS Red Flag and Fire Weather warnings directly on your device.
  • Operational Support: We assist in planning prescribed burns, assessing dispersal conditions, and understanding transport winds.
  • Spot Weather: For ongoing fire incidents, our weather hotline connects you to professional meteorologists. Get real-time updates on changing weather conditions that could impact fire behavior and firefighter safety.
  • Skyview Weather Online Portal: Access our online portal, equipped with fire weather tools such as regional conditions and fuel maps. Plan effectively and stay ahead of potential risks.

Custom Fire Weather Forecasts

Skyview Weather’s expertise in wildland fire behavior allows us to customize forecasts for different locations within your Fire Protection District. Our detailed insights can enhance your attack strategies and, more importantly, contribute to saving lives. Daily Fire Weather forecasts are available on our website and mobile app.

A photograph of a small plane releasing fire retardant chemicals to extinguish a large wildfire in a mountainous region.

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