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Fire Weather Forecasts

Knowing what the weather will do before it happens can be crucial in planning and safety. We be a great asset in making sure people fighting the fire are up to date on current conditions while staying ahead of potential changes in the weather that may impact fire behavior.

What’s included in our Fire Weather Support?

Forecasts: Our forecasts focus on temperature, chances for precipitation, relative humidity, winds and wind shifts, Haines Index and lightning activity level. We also include any Red Flag Fire Weather Watches and Warnings issued by the NWS and will update these watches and warnings as they are issued.

Operational Support: Our operational support can aid in the planning of prescribed burns, dispersal conditions and transport winds.

Spot Weather: Ongoing fire incidents require constant updates to keep you ahead of changing weather. We update weather conditions in the incident area as needed. Short term forecasts are disseminated to key personnel with Skyview Weather monitors changing weather conditions, and notifies you of changes that could impact fire behavior and/or firefighter safety.

Fire Weather Forecasts Tailored To You

We tailor our forecasts for different locations within your Fire Protection District giving you the extra detail that can not only help your plan of attack but potentially save lives as well. Updates are provided via email, website, or text alerts to cell phone and electronic devices as well as verbally to command staff.

We are one of the few private companies that has experience in wild land fire behavior and along with the associated conditions that result in dangerous wildland fire behavior.

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