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a photograph of a thunderstorm with lightning at night.

Skyview Weather

Providing Enhanced Safety and Cost Savings Through Accurate Forecasting and Timely Updates

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Lightning Notification

Personalized monitoring of satellite, radar, and lightning networks by our team of meteorologists focused on your precise location and needs.

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Severe Weather Updates

Real-time notification of strong or severe weather targeting your facility, including assessment of actual risk, timing, and potential impacts.

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Winter Weather

Timely updates and decision support for snow and ice potential within your service area or school district, with a focus on efficiency and safety.

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Detailed report of meteorological conditions during snowfall event, snow totals, and detailed area map. Certified to be accurate.

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Fire Weather Support

Custom fire-weather forecasts and briefing products, including real-time monitoring of fire weather conditions for your location or incident site.

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Flash Flood Support

Prediction and proactive notification of heavy rainfall events capable of flash flooding, debris flows, mud slides, or excessive runoff in your area.

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Special Event Coverage

Hand-crafted forecast products, real-time monitoring, and safety-focused decision support for weather-sensitive outdoor events of any size.

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Education and Training

Personalized training by our staff of experienced meteorologists. We offer classes for severe weather, lightning safety, winter weather and more.

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Custom Forecasts

Hand-crafted forecast products for your specific location and tailored needs. Verbal consultation from our staff of meteorologists.

Blog Posts

  • Severe Weather Advisory: Potential Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms Anticipated in Colorado Today

    Severe Weather Advisory: Potential Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms Anticipated in Colorado Today

    Coloradans are advised to stay weather-aware as the arrival of severe weather conditions approaches, including the possibility of tornadoes, across northeast Colorado this afternoon and evening. Recent updates indicate a convergence of atmospheric factors conducive to the development of severe storms. Strong southerly flows and weakening atmospheric caps are expected to create favorable conditions for…

  • The Birth of Doppler Radar

    The Birth of Doppler Radar

    The genesis of Doppler radar can be traced back to the Doppler effect, a phenomenon proposed by Austrian physicist Christian Doppler in 1842. This principle elucidates the variation between the observed frequency and the emitted frequency of a wave for an observer in motion relative to the source of the waves. Common examples of this…

  • Marginal Severe Weather Possible

    Marginal Severe Weather Possible

    As the nation keeps an eye on weather patterns during the springtime, Colorado finds itself in a familiar position today, with scattered showers and thunderstorms on the agenda. While the state is marked under a marginal risk level for severe weather, the broader convective outlook provides a nuanced perspective on atmospheric dynamics across the country.…

Current Conditions

National and local weather information. Click on the images to enlarge.

Western IR Satellite

Live satellite weather image from NASA

Western WV Satellite

Live satellite weather image from NASA

Eastern IR Satellite

Live satellite weather image from NASA

National Radar

SPC outlook map of the US with radar.

National Forecast

WPC surface weather map of the US with precipitation.

Day 1 Convective Outlook

SPC convective outlook map of the US.