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With the winter season fast approaching, how do you plan to get the most detailed snowfall information?  The easy answer, a SnowREPORT™ providing both detailed snowfall measurements along with a comprehensive meteorological discussion for each winter storm that impacts your city. This service is perfect for both internal record keeping and providing value added information directly to your clients or partners who need verification of snowfall for a given day and time.

SnowREPORTs™ are certified to be as accurate and representative of snowfall amounts based on multiple sources, including local ground reports from the National Weather Service (NWS), cooperative observers and other private and public sources. Snow totals are compiled and compared to NEXRAD radar imagery for further verification by in-house meteorologists. No zip code only based reports here, we hunt down as many sources and locations as we can find in your area! In addition to each storm, we can also deliver monthly and end-of-season total snow compilation reports.

What’s Included

This service includes the delivery of a PDF report to your email with both a snow total map and text discussion for a given snowfall event delivered within 2-3 business days after snow ends.

Sample SnowREPORT™

Disclaimer Statement

SnowREPORTs are certified to be accurate and representative of snowfall totals. Individual data reports (black dots) represent both physical measurements and derived-snowfall totals for specific georeferenced locations. The source of this data may include Cooperative Observers, National Weather Service (NWS) reports, and other private and public entities. Reports are quality controlled by Skyview Weather meteorologists through a comparison of physical and derived measurements vs. storm reanalysis data. Filled contour data is made available by the NWS NOHRSC system, providing high-resolution snowfall reanalysis through remote sensing, local storm reports, and area climatology. Skyview Weather reserves the right to update these reports as needed as new data becomes available. Use of this SnowREPORT for legal purposes is prohibited without expressed written consent. If approved, additional fees may apply.

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