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A color filled contour map of snowfall in Denver Colorado from a 2024 snowstorm.

Skyview Weather SnowREPORT™

Your Comprehensive Snowfall Solution

As winter approaches, accurate snowfall information becomes crucial for informed decision-making. Look no further than the Skyview Weather SnowREPORT™ service, designed to provide detailed snowfall measurements and expert meteorological insights for every winter storm impacting your city. Whether for internal record-keeping, invoicing, or to enhance client and partner communication, SnowREPORT™ delivers the data you need.

Unparalleled Snowfall Accuracy

Every Skyview SnowREPORT™ is meticulously scrutinized and quality controlled by Skyview Meteorologists. Our unique post-storm analysis utilizes a variety of reliable sources:

  • Skyview Weather Storm Spotters: Our proprietary network of trained observers.
  • National Weather Service (NWS): Local ground reports.
  • Cooperative Observers: Collaborative data from weather enthusiasts.
  • Remote Sensing Technologies: Precise measurements for verification.

What‘s Included with a Skyview SnowREPORT:

  1. Detailed Analysis: Our expert meteorologists dissect each snowstorm, providing context and understanding of critical storm details.
  2. Area Snowfall Map: Visualize the winter storms snowfall accumulation pattern across your region.
  3. Snowfall Amounts Table: A concise summary of observed snowfall accumulations during the event.

Sample SnowREPORT™

Historical Insights

Beyond individual storms, we offer:

  • Monthly Summaries: Track snowfall trends over time.
  • End-of-Season Reports: Comprehensive snowfall compilation for the entire winter.
  • Climatological Assessment: Long-range climatological studies for your exact area will help you plan and staff appropriately.

Already a Subscriber?

Access your SnowREPORTs™ conveniently through the Skyview Weather member portal. Download within 2-3 business days following each snowstorm.

Disclaimer Statement

This Skyview Weather SnowREPORT is certified to be accurate and representative of snowfall totals. Individual data reports represent both physical measurements and derived-snowfall totals for specific georeferenced locations. The source of this data may include proprietary Skyview Weather Storm Spotter reports, Cooperative Observers, National Weather Service (NWS) reports, and other private and public entities. Reports are quality controlled by Skyview Weather meteorologists through a comparison of physical and derived measurements vs. storm reanalysis data. Skyview Weather reserves the right to update these reports as needed as new data becomes available. Use of this SnowREPORT for legal purposes is prohibited without expressed written consent. If approved, additional fees may apply.

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