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Special Event Coverage

Tour de France peloton in rainy weather.

Enhancing Outdoor Event Safety with Tailored Weather Coverage

When organizing outdoor events, whether they span a single day or extend over a week, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for any weather conditions. Our specialized event coverage ensures that you won’t be caught off guard by Mother Nature’s unpredictability. Whether your event proceeds rain or shine, our goal is to keep your staff and attendees safe from lightning, severe weather, tornadoes, dust storms, extreme winds, and much more.

How Our Special Event Service Works:

  • Event Information Gathering: Begin by providing us with essential details about your event, including dates, location, estimated attendance, and an overview of structures and equipment (such as stages, large speakers, animals, or rides).
  • Customized Weather Safety Options: Our team of seasoned meteorologists will analyze this information and tailor weather safety recommendations specifically for your event. We’ll reach out with our expert advice, then work with you and your team to complete your weather safety plan.
  • Safety Plan Implementation: Once your weather safety plan is finalized, we’ll input your event location into our advanced weather mapping software. Additionally, we’ll assist your on-site team in setting up the Skyview Weather App and Online Member Portal.
  • Proactive Weather Monitoring: Leading up to your event, our Skyview Weather meteorologists will provide daily 5-day forecasts through the Skyview Weather App and the Online Member Portal. This proactive approach ensures that you stay informed about any weather changes that may impact your event.
  • Event-Day Coordination: On the morning of your event, our team will touch base with your operations manager. We’ll provide detailed weather expectations for the day and help facilitate a clear understanding of your emergency plan for staff and attendees.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Throughout your event, our meteorologists will diligently monitor weather conditions. Should lightning, severe weather, extreme winds, or other meteorological phenomena pose risks, instant alerts will be sent via the Skyview Weather App. This early warning system allows you to promptly implement safety measures.
  • Meteorologist Support: Our meteorologists are here to answer weather questions before and during your event. Talk to a Skyview meteorologist right away (no hold times!) by calling a non-listed Skyview number.
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At Skyview Weather, we prioritize safety and preparedness, ensuring that your outdoor event runs smoothly regardless of the elements. Trust our expertise to keep you informed and safeguarded throughout your event.

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