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Coldest Day on Record?

Overnight lows dropped to a bone chilling -24°F at DIA right around daybreak on December, 22, 2022. This was after a rather strong cold front that moved through the previous night which enabled a blast of Arctic air across eastern Colorado. Where does this cold place overall for Colorado? This low temperature is actually only the 3rd coldest recorded temperature at DIA and tied with 4 additional times at that: 1/31/1951, 1/9/1962 & 1/10/1962, 2/5/1989. There were even more days with -25°F with 6 in total: 12/24/1876, 2/8/1936, 2/1/1651, 1/11/1963, 1/12/1963, 12/22/1990. The coldest day on record for the Denver Colorado area was -29°F on 1/9/1875!

Temperature data provided by NWS:

More in depth look into data/records per NWS:

Another cold night is expected for Denver with lows around -10°F, lower towards the eastern plains, with wind chills as low as -20°F to -25°F.

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