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Another High Temperature Record Broken at DIA Today After Months of Below Normal Temperatures.

After one of the colder winter seasons in many years Denver has been experiencing record breaking temperatures recently in April on the 11-12th. The record high of 80°F on Tuesday the 11th was last set in 1982 and DIA reached a new high of 85°F and is the earliest 85 degree day of year EVER, beating out the 13th of April back in 2006. As of 5pm on the 12th DIA has reached a high of 85°F once again at 2:31pm, breaking the old record high of 79°F set in 2018 by a whopping 6°F. It should be no surprise that warmer and colder temperature records are broken with the climate site being at DIA which is more vulnerable to colder temperatures in the winter on the low side but also susceptible to higher than usual temperatures on the high side being further east and at a lower elevation, but… Records would have been broken either way if located at the old Stapleton/City Park site as well. SO its safe to say it has NEVER been warmer in Denver at this time of year! And we deserve it after the cold winter: If you take the average high temperature and the average low temperature for a month and add them together and then divide by two, you will end up with a “monthly mean temperature”. Monthly mean temperatures have been below normal since November of last year! Here is the breakdown, November 2022 was first month with below normal temperatures in some time and produced a monthly mean temperature of 35.6°F which was 3.8°F below normal, December 2022 – 29.3°F vs 31.2°F, or 1.9°F below normal, January was very cold with DIA reporting a mean temperature of 25.0°F vs 31.7° on “avg” resulting in a reading of 6.7° below normal! Feb was not as impressive with 31.1° vs 32.74°F, or 1.6°F below normal. March was extreme once again with a monthly mean temperature of 35.9° vs 41.6° leading to a 5.7°F degree deficit. The cold temperatures did not necessarily lead to a lot of snow in March though as snow totals were below normal from the City of Boulder into Colorado Springs with Fort Collins/Loveland and Greeley coming in at normal or above thanks to a couple storms that surprised to the upside. Anyway, “normal” or “average” only happens on paper climate wise here in Colorado as we are always one side of the extreme on almost any given day in spring season. The record breaking heat will be “cured” by storm system that has the potential to produce snow which will arrive for many on Friday the 14th into Saturday morning the 15th with impressive amounts possible along the Palmer Divide and into the Front Range Foothills.

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