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About Skyview Weather

Company Background and Information

Skyview Weather has been the leading provider for weather operations and custom forecasts across the Intermountain West since the late 70s. During this time, Skyview Weather has become known for its accurate forecasts, prompt operational services, attention to detail, and expert winter, severe, and flood response and analysis.

Our team of meteorologists bring over 50-years of combined weather forecasting experience to the table. Tap into Skyview Weather’s expertise for reliable and accurate weather information.

Meet The Team

Timothy Tonge


A meteorologist working in front of several computer monitors displaying weather data.

Justin Brooks

Lead Meteorologist

Justin has grown up in the Denver area and is very passionate about the weather and loves to watch how it unfolds across the Denver Metro Area as well as out on the eastern plains. He is specifically in tuned to severe weather including tornadoes, large hail, flooding and lightning. Justin has several years of experience both as an amateur and research storm chaser with several chase excursions involving the Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR) based in Boulder, Colorado. A graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015 with a B.S. in Meteorology with a focus in research, weather radar and instrumentation, he has been working with Skyview Weather since that time. At Skyview Weather he has enhanced his skills in forecasting, current weather observations and effective communication during weather events, specifically in lightning detection and severe weather across the country. When he’s not in front of a computer keeping an eye on the weather, Justin enjoys spending time in the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Colorado landscape.  

A Meteorologist standing in front of a tornado in a field.

Laura Smith


At the age of five, Laura experienced the environmental disaster of Hurricane Andrew as it made landfall over the Florida peninsula. Today, the memory of this catastrophic storm continues to inspire her curiosity and boundless passion for weather. Although she grew up near the warm beaches of Florida, Laura dreamed of a place with snow and exciting weather. She moved to Colorado in 2014 to attend the Metropolitan State University of Denver Meteorology program. While completing her undergraduate studies, Laura worked full time as a project manager in the telecom industry. In addition, she participated in several research projects focused on weather phenomena unique to the Colorado territory such as complex terrain thunderstorms, wild fires, and the Denver Convergence-Vorticity Zone. She spent summer breaks storm chasing in Eastern Colorado, and winter breaks hiking and snow shoeing across the Rockies. Laura graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology and a double-minor in Math and Computer Science. In 2021, she joined Skyview Weather as a forecast and operational meteorologist. Since joining the team, Laura’s technical skill sets are fully utilized as she has become the project manager, designer, and architect of the Skyview Weather mobile app. Laura also oversees and is responsible for all automation projects, data management, and maintaining the Skyview Weather website in earnest.

A Meteorologist standing under a thunderstorm on a gravel road next to telephone poles.

Aaron O’Brien


Skyview Weather Meteorologist Aaron O'Brien taking a selfie in front of a supercell thunderstorm while standing in a field.

Shannon Holland

Blog Contributor

Private Weather Forecast Services: A Detailed Exploration

In the simplest of terms, a private weather forecast service supplies highly localized weather information and services, such as forecasts and operations, to individual clients based on the specific needs of each client. Unlike broad, generalized forecasts provided by governmental agencies, these services offer precise and customized weather information that caters to the unique requirements of their clients.

Differences from Governmental Weather Services

The National Weather Service (NWS) is a prime example of a government agency that gathers and disseminates weather data for the public. The NWS provides forecasts that cover wide geographic areas and are designed to inform the general populace about expected weather conditions. This information is crucial for public safety, agriculture, and general planning. However, the forecasts are often too generalized for specific industries or activities that require detailed, localized weather information.

Private weather forecast services, such as Skyview Weather, step in to fill this gap. These companies offer a level of detail and customization that governmental services typically do not. Private services can focus on specific regions, provide live updates, and customize weather forecasts to meet the operational needs of clients. For example, Private weather forecasting providers may offer specialized services for aviation, agriculture, construction, and event planning, where precise weather data is critical for safety and operational efficiency.

Skyview Weather: An Example of Private Weather Service Excellence

Skyview Weather is a prominent private weather forecasting service that exemplifies the advantages of such services. The team at Skyview Weather consists of local meteorologists who are deeply passionate about and experienced in the weather patterns specific to the mountains and Great Plains. This local expertise allows them to provide highly accurate and relevant weather forecasts tailored to the needs of their clients.

The Skyview Weather team is renowned for their dedication to understanding the unique meteorological complexities of their region. This dedication is reflected in the quality of their services and their strong reputation in Colorado and other states across the intermountain west.

Customized Weather Forecasting Services

Many organizations, both private and public, require weather information that is more detailed and sophisticated than what is typically available from television, social media, or even the NWS. Skyview Weather provides these organizations with expert weather analysis, including five-day weather forecasting and other critical details. These services are invaluable for industries that rely on accurate weather information to ensure safety and operational success.

For instance, Skyview Weather offers detailed insights into winter storm timing and duration, snowfall accumulation, and snowfall rates. Skyview also provides critical information on road conditions, which is essential for transportation and logistics companies. During the summer, Skyview services include live meteorological monitoring and operational support that provides clients with precise storm location data, storm movement tracking, and instant lightning strike information. This level of detail allows clients to make informed decisions that are crucial for their operations.

Operational Support and Live Monitoring

Skyview Weather’s services go beyond weather forecasting. We offer operational support that empowers our clients to respond to weather events instantly. For example, Skyview’s live meteorologist monitoring services enable businesses to track storm developments and make immediate decisions to mitigate risks. This is particularly important for industries such as construction, where weather conditions can impact safety and project timelines.

Our summer operational services are also geared towards providing the necessary information for making critical safety decisions. For example, knowing the precise location and movement of a storm can help event planners decide whether to postpone or relocate events to ensure the safety of staff and attendees.

Why Choose a Private Weather Service?

The benefits of using a private weather forecast service are numerous. Firstly, these services provide highly localized weather information that is often not available from public sources. This can include specific data on microclimates, which are small areas with weather conditions that differ from the surrounding region. Understanding these microclimates can be crucial for agriculture, where weather conditions can vary significantly over short distances.

Secondly, private weather services offer a level of detail and customization that is crafted to the needs of our clients. This means clients receive information that is relevant to their specific operations, whether it’s construction, transportation, or event planning. This level of detail can help clients make more informed decisions, reduce risks, and improve operational efficiency.

The Role of Technology in Private Weather Services

Advancements in technology have played a significant role in the capabilities of private weather services. Skyview Weather uses sophisticated weather models, high-resolution satellite imagery, and advanced data analytics to provide clients with accurate and detailed weather information. We also employ proprietary technology that allows for live data collection and analysis, enabling Skyview meteorologists to provide up-to-the-minute updates to clients. The ability to provide instant updates is particularly important for industries that rely on weather information to ensure safety and operational efficiency.

The Impact of Climate Change on Weather Forecasting

Climate change is also having a significant impact on weather patterns and forecasting. As weather patterns become more unpredictable, the demand for accurate and detailed weather information is increasing. Skyview Weather is well positioned to meet this demand by providing the specialized information and support clients need to navigate these changes.

At Skyview Weather, we are continually adapting our meteorological techniques to account for the changing climate. Our meteorologists are constantly monitoring weather patterns and updating their forecasts to provide the most accurate information possible. This level of adaptability is crucial in a time when weather patterns are becoming increasingly volatile.

Conclusion (Do not use “conclusion”. Find a different header)

Private weather forecast services like Skyview Weather play a crucial role in providing highly localized and detailed weather information that meets the specific needs of clients. Unlike the generalized forecasts provided by governmental agencies, these services offer a level of detail and customization that is essential for many industries. By using advanced technology and focusing on the unique needs of clients, Skyview Weather can provide the accurate and timely information that is necessary for safe and efficient operations.

Whether it’s providing detailed winter weather analysis, live storm tracking, or customized operational support, Skyview Weather offers a level of expertise and precision that is unmatched by public sources. For organizations that rely on accurate weather information, partnering with Skyview Weather can be a valuable investment that helps to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency.

Who is Skyview Weather?

The Skyview Weather team is comprised of local meteorologists who enjoy – no, are obsessed with weather! Every meteorologist at Skyview Weather has dedicated years to understanding the complexities of weather unique to the mountains and Great Plains. The passion and experience of the Skyview Team is reflected in both our services and reputation in Colorado and other states across the intermountain west.

Skyview Weather provides a tailored forecast with clients in mind.

Many private and public organizations require a more accurate and sophisticated service than what is typically found on TV, social media, or at the NWS. Skyview Weather fills the void by supplying clients with expert winter weather analysis, snow forecasting, and other details including winter storm timing and duration, snowfall accumulation, snowfall rates, road conditions, and more. Our summer forecasts and real-time monitoring and operational services quickly provide clients with the information necessary to make critical safety decisions such as precise storm location, storm movement, and live lightning strike information. Contact the Skyview Weather team today so we can develop a comprehensive plan for your operational and forecasting needs.

Severe Weather Updates

Our Severe Weather Operations Service provides timely and accurate notifications via the Skyview Weather mobile app to keep you informed about weather warnings. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for your staff, patrons, and business assets during extreme weather events.

Winter Weather Support

Our specialized winter weather forecasts include site specific probability of precipitation, storm timing and duration, snowfall accumulation, comprehensive ice forecast, temperature information, and detailed storm behavior analysis. This package includes access to the Skyview Weather App, ensuring your snow removal team receives critical storm updates, NWS winter products, local radar, and more!